Amazon S3 Bucket

  • Amazon S3 data is stored in buckets.
  • It’s a folder where you can read, write and delete objects from.
  • You can store multiple objects in the bucket, but each object is limited to 5 TB.
  • You can assign granular permissions to the different users, like giving them access for Create, Retrieve and Delete permissions to your buckets and files under them.

Create Amazon S3 bucket

  • You can create S3 bucket using AWS web console and also using CLI
  • You can create max 100 buckets in your AWS account.
  • Go to S3 service and click “Create Bucket”

Step1: Name and region

  • Enter bucket name (It should be unique across all the regions)
  • Choose Region (Near to you, so that it reduces latency), but it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • “Block all public access” will be by default checked, so it means any content inside this bucket will not be accessible from outside.
  • You can click “Create bucket” and skip other steps.

Step2: Configure options

  • Click the “Versioning” option, if you want to enable versioning for the bucket.

Step3: Set permissions

  • Here you can give public access to the specific users.

Step4: Review

  • On this step, you can review all bucket details and options selected using previous steps.
  • Click “Create bucket” button.