AWS – Host Free website

You can use AWS account free and it Includes 12 Months of Free Tier Access for following products: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS.

  1. Create AWS account
  2. Management Console
    • On Amazon EC2 Console Dashboard, click “Launch Instance” button.
    • Select “Micro” instance (included in the free tier)
    • Create/setup security groups
      1. Add “SSH” (required for login to EC2 instance)
      2. Add “HTTP” and “HTTPS” (to enable web traffic to outside)
  1. Launch server with EC2
    • Once you submit all the required details, you will see the review of EC2 instance to launch.
    • Clicking on “Launch”. Go to the management console and you will see the listing of a new EC2 instance with status as “Pending”.
    • After few seconds, the status will be changed to “running”.
    • On click on Instance name, you will see details of selected instance.
      1. There will be “Public DNS” entry, that’s a web address used to access the instance.
  1. Upload/setup static website to EC2 using terminal
    • Login using SSH using key (.pem file) using the following commands:
      # ssh -i KEYFILE-NAME.pem user@host (in this case host will be the web address “Public DNS”.)
      #  sudo su – (connect using root)
    • Once connected to the server, install Apache on the server:
      1. For installing Apache web server, use command:
        #yum install httpd
    • Go to path “/var/www/html/” and download your website code/zip file there.
    • Extract code there to this root directory.
    • Start Apache web server using the following command:
      #service httpd start
    • Check Apache web server status using the following command:
      #service httpd status

Once all these above steps will be done, you will be able to run your static website on the Public DNS URL.

You can check this link for more details: