Bloomerang website integration

  1. Donation form builder
    • It allows to create a customized donation form (online giving forms) from Bloomerang dashboard, that can be placed on the website.
    • New or existing customers who make donations will have their profiles updated automatically.
    • For the transaction forms, you need to first set up the Transaction processor.
    • You can allow donors to set up recurring donations or they can set frequency and also, start date (if allowed from Bloomerang dashboard for that form).
    • You can set multiple donation levels/pricing in the form from Bloomerang dashboard while creating the form.
    • You can add custom fields to the form.
    • An online donation form is having default form fields as First name, last name, email address, and phone number.
    • You can set the success page with custom title and message body.
    • You can preview each form, before publishing it.
    • You need to integrate the form into our website using embedded code (for respective form).
    • You can also use Bloomerang hosted website, where a user will be redirected to the Bloomerang hosting secured URL.
    • You can use Fraud prevention tools (from Bloomerang dashboard) for the security of payments, like limiting transactions from an IP, add captcha.
  2. Payment Gateway
    • You can integrate Stripe for making the transactions using Bloomerang forms.
    • For the Nonprofit rate, requires you to provide Stripe your EIN and IRS letter or you can contact for more information.
    • You need to copy Stripe Secret and publishable key under Bloomerang transactions, to set up Stripe processor.
  3. Email Sign-up forms
    • It allows to build the list of email subscribers, with you can communicate directly using Bloomerang email tool.
  4. Track constituent’s
    • Allows you to track constituent browsing history on your website.
    • Once customer interacts with the Bloomerang form, their website visits will be recorded on their profiles.
    • You can even track the website visits from Bloomerang generated emails.