Different types of designs in Cloud Computing

On-Premise/ Private Cloud

– Everything is managed in the local environment. You are responsible for everything.
– It means all infra, design, application, all your machines, networking, all your servers you are managing at your local.

Public Cloud

– These are managed by 3rd party cloud providers, e.g. AWS, GCP, AZURE, etc.

Hybrid Cloud

– Combination of services of both On-Premise and Public Cloud
– Scenario 1: Our data is on-premise and the rest of the application is put on the Public Cloud.
– Scenario 2: If some part of code is on on-premise and some part of code is on Public Cloud
– We create a connection between on-premise and Public cloud. This kind of solution is referred to as a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Multi-Cloud / Community Cloud

– Combination of services of different clouds like On-Premise and AWS/GCP
– If image processing required. Image processing is very good over GCP, but scaling the application is very good over AWS.
– We create an infrastructure with a combination of both GCP and AWS.