Q1. If you have Joomla site with component named ‘hello’, model name as ‘hi’. What would be the model class name?
A: HelloModelHi

Q2.Does Joomla create MySql database during setup?
A: No

Q3. Is it possible to add content items for Joomla frontend!
A: Yes

Q4. Can we integrate XML-RPC services with Blogger and Joomla APIs?
A: Yes

Q5. Term ACL refers to?
A: Access Control System

Q6. What would you use to create tabbed panels in your custom joomla component?
A: JHtml::_(‘tabs.start’);

Q7. How to link an external javascript file to joomla page?
A: $doc->addScript(‘file.js’);?>

Q8. Is index.php file is combination of HTML and PHP code?
A: Yes

Q9. If you need to override the layout of some module, how can you do it?
A: You need to copy the files of ‘tmpl’ folder under main module folder to html/ModuleFolder/ in active joomla template.

Q10.Which Joomla file provide the central logic of template including any module and component display?
A: index.php

Q11.How to make site offline?
A: Global configuration -> Select ‘site offline’.

Q12:Which creational pattern is used by Classes for database access?
A: Abstract Factory Pattern.

Q13:What are default number of user groups?
A: 9

Q14:Can joomla be configured on E-commerce site out-of-box?
A: No

Q15:Which file you need to rename to .htaccess to enable mod_rewrite?
A: htaccess.txt

Q16:What is the use of templateDetails.xml file?
A: It provide the information and allow selection of template within the template manager.

Q17: How to insert a module inside Joomla article?
A: {loadposition module->position}