Models of Cloud service

IAAS – Infrastructure as a service

  • You will get the infrastructure. So you are responsible for setting up all the required services and not the hardware.
  • You will set up everything in the application like OS, EC2, routes, database service, deployment service, etc.
  • You will club them together and make one application (Every single thing you need to be set up by you).
  • EC2, S3 and VPC comes under IAAS

PAAS – Platform as a service

  • You will get a readymade infrastructure/environment.
  • You just need to bring your code and upload it.
  • You select Python application and you will get a complete environment for Python application.
  • You just need to upload Python code. Once you upload Python code it will be deployed automatically, and you will get your endpoint URL

SAAS – Software as a service

  • You will get every single thing configured.
  • You just come and start using it.
  • These are application-ready 3rd party platforms like Salesforce.
  • So in Salesforce you just need to signup, upload your data and start using the analytics directly.

Let’s take an example, to understand the difference between IAAS, PAAS & SAAS:
Suppose, you have to drive one car.


  • You will get tyres, steering wheel, engine, and body, etc.
  • You will have to make a complete car for you.
  • You will collect all the things, you are responsible for all the things like what color of car would be, which type of tyres you need, etc and you will assemble the car using all the parts.


  • You will get you a car but without the petrol and driver.
  • You only need to bring a driver and fill the petrol.


  • You will get a car, driver, and petrol.
  • You only pay for the KM you travel.