Project Charter

Project Charter is the first opportunity for the project manager to understand the vision and goal of the project.

The project is officially authorized when the Project charter is approved by the Sponsor.

When you establish your project charter you will define W5H (The five Whys and how of your project)

  • Who will be engaged in your project? -Including team members and stakeholders?
  • What will be the project be about? – This is your high level mission, vision and goals.
  • Where will be the work happen? – Details of work location and development environments.
  • When will work happen? – Define your plan’s start and targeted end date.
  • Why is the project needed? –What’s your business goal
  • How you will work? – This is an outline of the approach you will be using.

It includes:

  • Business problem to be solved.
  • Measurable project objectives or requirements.
  • Information about the project manager.
  • Project boundaries and key deliverables.
  • High-level data of risks.
  • Critical success factors.
  • Cost and schedule of the project.
  • Key stakeholders list and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Constraints and assumptions.
  • Project exit criteria.

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