Major Components of Docker Architecture

Major Components of Docker Architecture

  • Docker Client
  • Docker Host
  • Docker Daemon
  • Docker Registry

1. Docker Client

  • User can interact with Docker using Docker client. It is utility we use, when we use commands such as : docker run
  • Docker client send these requests to Docker Daemon.
  • A Docker client can communicate with more than one Docker daemon.

2. Docker Host

  • It provides complete environment to execute and run the applications.
  • It is the physical host, on which Docker daemon is running.
  • It comprises of Docker daemon and Docker Objects like docker images, containers, network, storage.

3. Docker Daemon

  • It pulls and builds container images requested by clients.
  • Docker Daemon is also known as Docker Engine.
  • It manages Docker images, containers, networks and volumes.

4. Docker Registry

  • A Docker Registry is where the Docker images are stored.
  • It provides locations, from where you can pull and store images.
  • Docker Hub is the public registry that anyone can use.