Agile Intro

Agile is software development methodology, using below steps.
– Product Backlog
– Sprint Planning
– Sprint Backlog
– Daily Stand up
– Incremental Work
– Sprint Burn down
– End of sprint review

Product Backlog – outlines the project timelines & priorities. It’s list of user stories.
User Stories – Requirements in backlogs are called user stories

Sprint Backlog – List of high priority stories from the product backlog.
Sprint – Each iteration or short development cycle is called the Sprint
Each Sprint is typically a few weeks long and involves:-
– Requirements Definition
– Product Design
– Coding
– Testing

Daily Stand up – Quick meeting with below points of discussion:-
– What did you do yesterday?
– What will you do today?
– What obstacles are impeding your progress?
– Records of progress in sprint backlog.

Sprint Burn Down Graph – This graph highlights the progress made in the sprint. and how much work is remaining.